A collection of thoughts

A collection of thoughts

So the first Ask Me Anything Fedora came and past, and though it was a lot of fun it primarily worked as first test for the idea.  Guests were kind enough to offer some advice and suggestions, and here I’m putting together the results of this experience.

In general, it was good.  It worked nicely, people asked questions and even when we briefly opened the mic so to speak, there was no trolling or flamewar or anything.  Everyone behaved very civilised, questions were good and answers were excellent.  Everyone left happy and feeling they had a good experience.  However, I feel that Telegram might not be the best format for this sort of event, and that event the type of event might not be the best for our communities and goals.


What we learnt

  • Less is more  I definitely address this and was one of the suggestions made by basically everyone.  Less topics, less guests, more focused events.
  • Formats   Maybe A.M.A. as it’s done in Reddit doesn’t really work outside it.  And definitely a Q&A as it’s done in most social media  (where one person answers community/followers questions)  is not exactly the best option.  Maybe we need to invent a new format, something truly Fedorian.
  • Hashtags   I didn’t realise at the moment, but I should have used hashtags for questions and organisation.  It would make later reading a lot easier.
  • Better use of social media   I’m guilty of this one too.  I should have posted a lot more about the event on Twitter and Instagram.  Maybe Facebook too, but the algorithms there are so tweaked and biased nowadays that posting on Facebook became almost useless.
  • Other technologies   While the Telegram thing was fun, I don’t think it’s the best suited.  Also, at some point there was a thrive to do everything within Telegram and that just doesn’t work.  Telegram is not note taking or brainstorming or anything of the sort.  It’s not meant for collaborative work.  There are tools that are better suited for it, and we should use them instead.
  • Bridging to IRC   While nothing bad happened this time, it’s obvious that issues might arise if we keep the format of a Telegram group with bridge to IRC.  There were suggestions of not giving it admin rights, and there were suggestions of more finely tuned solutions.  Personally, I would prefer it not to exist.  It makes harder to answer and quote people.


Suggestions & Ideas

  • Short videos   We could make short videos of someone answering one or two questions on a certain topic.  The videos could be drop-like spanning from 1 to 3 minutes, and edited with open source tools.  Later they could be uploaded to YouTube and social media, with a transcription available somewhere.
  • Video streaming  Could be interesting.  Some websites offer a live chat coupled with the streaming.  However, that poses questions of how to handle trolls and spam, and what to do with those who don’t live in areas with stable, reliable connection to internet.
  • Mumble   I honestly don’t know this programme, so I can’t comment.  It was suggested by Michał (Fedora Telegram group admin), so if he wants to comment with more details I’ll be all ears.
  • Podcasts  It could be done in a regular fashion, as Eduard from Marketing does, or it could be done as exceptional events.  Or even as an alternative to the videos, in small nuggets.  Again, it could be nicely edited with open source tools, and it would show both contributors’s ideas and the power of these tools when it comes to media and DAW.


Well, this is all for now.  There will be a transcription and a CommBlog post soon.  Have a great day!  Please, let us know your opinion in the comments section below.